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At Impact Dispatch, one of our goals is to help centers and individual dispatchers have access to the best training and training resources. We provide high quality, affordable training courses and classroom training. To go to our course site click the link below!

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Additional Training Resources

Looking for additional training resources? Check out some of the other great resources for online and classroom training.


A Higher Standard in Emergency Call Handling

America’s #1 training provider for Emergency Communications Professionals.

Proud Home of 911 Reality Simulators

The next generation of 9-1-1 public safety training and consulting

Leaders in Public Safety Communication 

Transforming stress into strength!

Monthly continuing education and online or in-person training classes.

911 Training for Leaders or those aspiring to be….

To empower your comm center with tools to thrive

The 9-1-1 Association improves 9-1-1 through research, standards development, training, education, outreach, and advocacy

The mission of Training 9-1-1 Heroes is to ensure EVERY 9-1-1 Telecommunicator has an opportunity for ongoing education

Resilient telecommunicators guided by expertly designed and delivered training can rock their calls, dispatch with excellence and take care of themselves.

We provide valid, practical, relevant and supportive mental health education which will help law enforcement officers and first responders gain resiliency, longevity, and overall well-being, on and off the job.

The online Stress Reduction Training is designed specifically for 9-1-1 telecommunicators

Leadership Corner

Center Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Future Leaders: Looking for encouragement and help developing your leadership skills. Check out the Leadership Corner!

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Leadership is a skill that can start to be developed before you’re ever in a position of authority. Check out some of the recommended books below, or look into what leadership courses that may be available in you area.

Here’s what we’re reading to develop our leadership skills:

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Public Education

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “This isn’t an emergency, but…” you understand how important it is for the general public to know what 911 is and isn’t for. 

Do you have a community, workplace, or school event coming up that you’d love to share about 911 at? If you’re in Eastern Nebraska or Western Iowa, let us know and we’d love to come out and help you! If you’re not in the area, check out our 911 education for kids pack or email us for idea on ways to educate your community.

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Do you have a video that would be beneficial for kids or the public to watch? Send us a comment with the link and we would love to add it to our page. Education to the public is a great way to support your community.

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